Navid Ali Biography, Age, Relationship, Net worth & More

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Navid Ali: Who is he.

Mishael Morgan, a Canadian actress, is married to actor Navid Ali. He gained notoriety for being the spouse of a well-known actress and for appearing in the film Hazara Parkour. I’ll be discussing Navid Ali’s life story, age, relationships, work, net worth, and other details in this piece.

NameNavid Ali
Date of birth23rd March 1985
Age38 years
Height5’9 inches (1.78 meters)
Relationship statusMarried
ChildrenNaim and Naliyah Ali
WifeMishael Morgan
Net worth$500,000

Navid Ali Biography

Navid Ali, a 36-year-old native Canadian who was born on March 12th, 1985, is best known for his marriage to Trinidadian-Canadian actress Mishael Morgan. He gained notoriety for his 2014 appearance on Hazara Parkour.

Navid Ali Marriage, Children

In May 2012, Ali wed Mishael after saying his vows. They hosted a lavish wedding with plenty of family and well-wishers in attendance, and thereafter, they broke the internet with beautiful photos of their wedding.

It only took 2 months from the time of their wedding before Mishael gave birth to their first boy on August 9. They celebrated such a significant victory online, just like every other jovial celebrity couple.

After such fantastic news, ThrillNG learned that in November 2018, their family’s size was expanded by one, this time by a girl by the name of Naliyah Ali.

Navid Ali Body Measurements

He has a height of 5 feet 10 inches. His eyes are brown and he has black hair.

Navid Ali Career and Net worth

Many have referred to Ali as an actor because of his work on Hazara Parkour, but little is known about him because he has avoided media attention and notoriety in his personal life. He is thought to be worth $500,000 total.

Contrary to her partner, Mishael Morgan has made a living in front of the camera; she is thought to be worth $3 million thanks to her successful acting career, which has spanned TV sitcoms, movies, and other mediums.

She makes a total of $1,500 per episode, filling her wallet to the brim with $90,000 a year.

After appearing in the Canadian adolescent drama “The best years,” which ran from 2008 to 2009, she began her acting career in 2008.

She had had a career-defining moment in show business after being cast in the CBS drama The Young and the Restless as Hillary Curtis, the assistant CEO of Chancellor Industries, Cane Ashby.

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