McKenzee Duhamel Biography, Husband, Daughter, Net worth & More

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One of Josh Duhamel’s younger sisters, McKenzee Duhamel, sometimes known as McKenzee Kemper, is well-known. Josh David Duhamel is a well-known American actor and model who has long made significant contributions to the country’s entertainment sector. In the 2022 immediate hits “Bandit” and “Blackout,” in which he co-starred with other top-tier Hollywood actors, he portrayed the parts of Gilbert Galvan/Producer and Cain, respectively. He co-starred with Jennifer Lopez in the film “Shotgun Wedding.”

With that in mind, I decided to write about McKenzee Duhamel and some other intriguing details you probably haven’t read about. Let’s take a short glance at her profile summary before I continue.

NameMcKenzee Duhamel
Other NamesMcKenzee Kemper
BirthplaceMinot, North Dakota State
SistersKassidy Duhamel & Ashlee Deschamps (nee Duhamel)
BrotherJosh Duhamel
Known ForBeing Josh Duhamel’s Younger Sister
ParentsBonnie L. (Bachmeier) Kemper, and Larry Kemper
HusbandBen Koll

McKenzee Duhamel Biography

The precise day, month, and year of McKenzee Duhamel’s birth are unknown. Yet, we deduced that she was born in the Upper Midwest of the United States of America, in Minot, North Dakota. She was born a citizen of the United States and belongs to the White American ethnic group. She also has German, French-Canadian, Irish, Norwegian, English, and Austrian ancestry.

She was reared by her mother after Bonnie L. (Bachmeier) Kemper and Larry Kemper’s divorce when she was a little child. McKenzee is still close to her father even though she switched to using her mother’s last name (Kemper) in place of her father’s after her mother was granted custody of her and her siblings. Her father, Larry Kemper, is a North Dakota-based advertising salesman, and her mother, Bonnie Kemper, is a former local schoolteacher, entrepreneur, and businesswoman.

Josh David Duhamel, her older brother, and her two sisters, Kassidy Duhamel and Ashlee Deschamp, were present as McKenzee Duhamel was growing up (nee Duhamel). Her parents are devout Catholics who hold to Christian ideals. She still believes in Catholicism and still goes to Holy Mass. If you look at the photos of her on her own Facebook page under the name McKenzee Kemper, you’ll notice that she has long, straight blonde hair, fair skin, and a stunning pair of light brown eyes to complement her personality. It is unknown how much she weighs and how tall she is. She graduated from an elementary school in her neighborhood in Minot, North Dakota, and received her elementary school certificate.

She graduated from Minot High School with a high school diploma and earned a nursing degree from Minot State University.

McKenzee Duhamel’s Husband, Daughters 

Ben Koll, McKenzee’s longtime boyfriend, is her husband. She and her now-husband, Ben, allegedly began dating in 2008 and dated for roughly four years. This information comes from her Facebook pages. They exchanged vows in North Dakota State during a private wedding celebration in June 2012. McKenzee uploaded affectionate photos of her husband and their two girls with the caption: “Celebrating my spouse on the World’s Fathers’ Day Celebration.”

Happy Father’s Day to this man; without you, we couldn’t get by. We also celebrated our tenth wedding anniversary last week; we’re honored! For the first time in years, we went on a date and had so much fun without the kids that we both fell asleep by nine o’clock ha!”

McKenzee and Ben Koll have two kids and have been married for ten years and counting. On February 14, 2014, they gave birth to a girl they called Sonja Hazel Koll. On August 30, 2021, they welcomed their second daughter, whom they named Ginny Eileen Koll. Ginny Eileen is a year and a few months old, whereas Sonja Hazel is currently eight years old. As an aside, McKenzee disclosed that Ginny’s second name is Eileen in honor of McKenzee’s grandmother Eileen and Sonja’s second name is Hazel in honor of her husband’s grandmother Hazel.

Ginny, McKenzee’s second child, is in preschool as of January 2023, while Sonja, her first child, is in third grade. On August 25, 2022, she posted a confirmation of this with the caption;

“Required first-day-of-school post! Sonja, who is supposedly in third grade, stated that switching to a letter grading system will be the biggest difference. She gave me a forced smile with her teeth, which I had to do. Ginny is over a year old, she is still a freeloader, and she still has a long way to go in daycare before she catches up to her big sister.

Notably, McKenzee has two nephews, one of which, Axl Jack Duhamel, was born to her older brother Josh Duhamel and his ex-wife, singer-songwriter Fergie (married between January 10, 2009, and November 2019). Savannah Rose Murdock, who was born on July 30, 2022, is McKenzee’s niece thanks to her younger sister Kassy Duhamel’s romantic engagement with Nick Murdock. Cameron Deschamp is married to Ashlee Deschamp (also née Duhamel), with whom he has a daughter and a son.

McKenzee Duhamel Net worth 

Like her sisters, McKenzee’s net worth is unknown, but she is enjoying her best life. Josh Duhamel, who is her renowned brother, is thought to be worth roughly $12 million.

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