Jaya Kelly Biography, Age, Gender Transition, Girlfriend, Family, Net worth & More

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Jaya Kelly: Who is She?

The son of Andrea Kelly and R. Kelly, Jaya Kelly is a rapidly rising American musician who is well-known throughout the country.

R. Kelly, Jaya’s father, is a well-known American R&B, soul, and hip-hop singer and songwriter who is currently facing charges for various sex offenses for which he faces up to 30 years in prison. His name is Andrea, and she is an American dancer, actress, and choreographer.

I’d like to provide information on Jaya Kelly and anything else that is known about him in this article. But first, let’s take a brief glance at the summary of his profile.

NameJaya Kelly
Birth CountryUnited States
Age23 years old
ParentsR. Kelly and Andrea Kelly (nee Lee)
BrotherRobert Kelly Jr.
GenderMale (transgender)
SisterJoAnn Kelly
Aunt and UnclesTheresa Kelly, Carey Kelly, and Bruce Kelly
GrandmotherJoanne Kelly
Skin ColorBlack
Hair and Eye ColorsBlack
Favorite foodJapanese dishes
Favorite actressEmma Watson
Favorite actorBrad Pitt
Favorite colorBlack
HobbiesSinging and songwriting
Favorite destinationItaly
Date of Gender TransitionJune 2014
Net worth$300,000 – $500,000

Jaya Kelly Biography 

American choreographer Andrea Kelly (née Lee), a native of the United States, and singer R. Kelly welcomed Jaya Lee Kelly into the world in 2000. He is the second of his parents’ three children and a native of the South Side of Chicago, Illinois, in the United States. His other names are Jaah Baby and Jay Kelly. When he was nine years old in 2009, his parents finalized their divorce.

JoAnn Kelly, Jay’s elder sister, was born in 1998, is 25 years old, and was given her name by their grandma. His younger brother is known as Robert Kelly Jr. (born in 2002; age 21).

In 1993, Joanne Kelly, Jay Kelly’s grandmother, passed away from cancer. Jaya’s paternal aunt is identified as Theresa Kelley, while his uncles are Carey and Bruce Kelly. The name of his paternal step-grandfather is stated as Luscious.

He admitted to Paper Mag that despite being “conceived in a feminine body,” he had always identified as a man and had worn boy’s clothing to school, where he frequently faced bullying from his peers. He has finished his transition and is currently a transgender man.

What is Jaya Kelly’s height? Jaya stands at five feet five inches (1.6 meters – 167 centimeters). He has a weight of 55 kilograms or 121 pounds. He has finished elementary school and high school. Throughout his time at school, he studied the clarinet, piano, and trumpet.

Jaya is presently a resident of Atlanta, Georgia.

Jaya Kelly Career 

At age 13, Jaya Kelly began working for Jaah Baby (JaahBaby). He published his first song, “Reservoir,” in 2014. The music, which combines hip-hop and techno, is streamable on SoundCloud. He released “Focus,” his second single, in October 2019. He has also published the following tunes:

  • Interlude 1
  • Lost it
  • Fall Into
  • Subtle
  • No Regards ft Kyd Taurian
  • Gentle
  • Stalling ft Kel

Jaya Kelly Gender Transition, Girlfriend 

Jaya claimed he was bullied or making an effort to fit in before coming out and that he knew he was “born in the wrong body.” When he was 14 years old, he subsequently came out as a transgender man. and told his fans during a question-and-answer session on his Ask.fm account that he discovered he was male around the age of either six or seven.

Jaya said the following when discussing his family’s reaction to his coming out:

“I texted my mother to come out, and when I felt more at ease, I informed her. She has never judged me in my life, so I knew she would love me no matter what. She continually reassured me that she loved me and urged me to be true to myself. The same thing happened with my sister; she expressed to me her pride in me and respect for me by calling me handsome and now referring to me as her little brother. I adore her for that, so you can see how fantastic it was for me. I want the surgery and the medicines to help me (be) who I was meant to be because I think I am a male.

Jaya Kelly’s mother, Andrea Kelly, texted him back in response to his coming-out SMS and said;

You know I would still adore you no matter what, whether you were bisexual, homosexual, or lesbian.

R. Kelly, however, does not agree with his child’s decision to come out as trans. He stated the following in an interview with WCGI’s interviewer in Chicago:

“You really don’t want to start it off by saying my daughter is turning into my son,”
Remember to always trust what you can see with your own eyes. Never question what you see. The ideal method for handling this situation is that.

Jaya has finished his operation and is currently taking all of the required drugs.
He once admitted to being interested in a woman, but he withheld other details about their relationship. Also, he is not as socially (or online) accessible as he once was.

Jaya Kelly’s Parents’ Marriage, Divorce 

When Jaya Kelly’s parents got married, his mother, 49-year-old Andrea Kelly (also known as Drea), was R. Kelly’s backup dancer.

In 1996, R. Kelly and Andrea Kelly exchanged vows in a small ceremony conducted in Colorado, United States. Jaya’s parents got married when his father was 29 years old and his mother was 22.

Andrea, who claimed that R. Kelly assaulted her when she told him she wanted a divorce less than ten years after they wed, obtained a restraining order against him in September 2005 and then filed for divorce in 2006.

After the divorce was finally formalized in January 2009, Andrea received an undisclosed sum of money as alimony, and Jaah’s parents signed a non-disclosure agreement (NDA).

A few years after divorcing Kelly, Andrea Kelly began dating 36-year-old R&B musician Brian McKee, with whom she later got married in 2014. They divorced less than a year after getting married. Two months into their marriage, she filed for divorce after learning about dozens of his extramarital encounters. She has not been in any other known romantic relationships since her time with Brian.

Andrea Kelly, the mother of Jaya Kelly, stated that she endured physical, verbal, and mental abuse while living with R. Kelly and came dangerously close to committing suicide in a 2018 interview with The View. She described the nature of her torment as being attacked in the back of his Hummer, being “hogtied” in bed, being raped, and even falling asleep with her still tied.

After spending several years escaping her abuser, Andrea made the decision to speak out in order to aid other domestic violence victims.

Jaya Kelly’s Father’s Rape and Child Pornography Accusation

Robert Sylvester Kelly, the father of Jaya Kelly, was born on January 8, 1967 (at the age of 56), at the Chicago Lying-In Hospital, which is now the University of Chicago Medical Center, in the South Side of Chicago, Illinois, in the United States. At the age of 22, he began his musical career in 1989. On February 22, 2019, he was arrested and accused of a number of offenses, putting an end to his professional career.

He is currently being held at MCC Chicago in Chicago, Illinois, due to his criminal status (BOP awaiting assignment to federal prison 09627-035). He received a 30-year prison term on February 23, 2023, in a Chicago courtroom. His offenses include racketeering, bribery, sex trafficking, seducing children, creating child pornography (2022), and Mann Act violations. He also committed the sexual exploitation of children (2021). In 2021 the Eastern District of New York prosecuted him, and in 2022 the Northern District of Illinois did the same.

Jaya released a song in 2019 criticizing his father in response to his father’s alleged misdeeds.

Jaya Kelly’s Net worth 

The estimated net worth of Jaya Kelly ranges from $300,000 to $500,000. His music on SoundCloud provides him with a living.

At the time of his arrest, R. Kelly’s net worth was believed to be $100 million. Jaya, his two brothers, and his mother very likely have a go at his fortune and net worth as it stands since he’d be in prison for thirty years, at which point he’d be 85 at the time of his release in 2053. Andrea Kelly, the mother of Jaah, is thought to be worth between $5 million and $20 million.

Tell us what you think about Jaya Kelly. Is he one of the transgender men you like from famous families? What are your thoughts on the 30-year sentence for his father? Come on, let’s talk about that in the comments area.

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