Hjalmar Rechlin Biography, Ex-wife, Live Now, Age, Instagram, Net worth & More

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Hjalmar Rechlin, who is he?

Famous Swedish photographer Hjalmar Rechlin is well-known for having been Frida Gustavsson’s former husband. A well-known Swedish actress and model, Frida Gustavsson was born in Stockholm, Sweden, on June 6, 1993.

Instead, I’ll be talking about Hjalmar Rechlin, the ex-husband of Frida Gustavsson, in this post. Like his life story, work, relationship with Frida Gustavsson, age, where he currently resides, kids, net worth, Instagram, and a few other facts about him that you probably didn’t know. However, let’s take a quick look at his profile before we continue.

NameHjalmar Rechlin
Date of birth unknown
ex-wifeFrida Gustavsson
Net worth unknown

Hjalmar Rechlin Biography 

Hjalmar Rechlin, a well-known Swedish photographer who is best known for his romance with his ex-wife Frida Gustavsson, was born in Sweden on an unidentified day and month, either in 1987 or 1992.

The birthplace of Hjalmar Rechlin is Stockholm, which is a part of Sweden. Together with his other siblings, he was reared there by his Swiss-born parents who now reside in Sweden.

Hjalmar Rechlin Education 

Hjalmar Rechlin attended both elementary school and high school in a Stockholm, Sweden, enclave. Subsequently, he continued to one of Sweden’s premier universities, where he earned his bachelor’s degree.

Hjalmar Rechlin Career 

Hjalmar Rechlin launched a successful career as a photographer and visual artist. There isn’t much online regarding Hjalmar’s professional background aside from the fact that he identified himself as a Stockholm-based photographer in the bio of his self-titled Instagram account.

Otherwise, we discovered that Frida Gustavsson, his ex-wife, is a Swedish model and actress who began her career in the entertainment industry in 2008 at the age of fifteen.

She has collaborated with many well-known companies, including Chanel, Fendi, Maybelline, Alexander McQueen, Louis Vuitton, Versace, Oscar de la Renta, and a plethora of others. His work can be seen in films like Juck (2007) and Beck (2006-2007). (2018)

Hjalmar Rechlin Relationship with Frida Gustavsson, Marriage, Ex-wife 

Hjalmar and Frida Gustavsson were once a couple and had a passionate romantic connection. Before saying “I do,” Hjalmar Rechlin dated his ex-wife Frida Gustavsson for a number of years. Having only been married for two years after they exchanged vows in 2015, the couple decided to part ways in 2017.

The media voiced their worries following their divorce. Well, and attempted to snoop into their personal affairs and the reason behind their breakup. Despite this, the now-separated couple didn’t provide any commentary or explanations to the media.

Hjalmar Rechlin Instagram 

Instagram is a photo and video sharing website where Hjalmar can be found with the user name @hjalmar.rechlin. Hjalmar started using the app on November 11th, 2014, and has already gained almost 2.4k followers. He was concurrently following over 583 accounts and had made over 85 posts.

Hjalmar Rechlin Height, Weight 

Hjalmar’s height and weight statistics weren’t available at the time, but his images on the internet suggest that he has a healthy body weight and height. Also, he has blue eyes and hair that is similar to blonde hair. Oh, and his skin colour indicates that he is of White ethnicity.

Hjalmar Rechlin Age, Birthday, Nationality 

The exact age of Hjalmar wasn’t known when we last updated and published this piece on our website. Yet, a few sources assume that he would be between 30 and 35 because his ex-wife was 29 at the time.

Where is Hjalmar Rechlin Now? Residential Address

Rechlin was born in Stockholm, which is a part of Sweden, and was naturally granted Swedish citizenship. He is presently a Stockholm, Sweden resident.

Hjalmar Rechlin Net worth

 The estimated net worth of Hjalmar Rechlin ranges from $100,000 to $300,000. His work as a photographer and visual artist is what brings in the bulk of his net worth.

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