Arleata Williams Biography, Age, Husband, Marriage & More

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Arleata Williams: who is she?

Arleata Williams is well-known for having been Otis Williams’s ex-wife; they were wed for almost 15 years. Currently, Otis Williams is a well-known American baritone singer who dabbles in writing, music production, and songwriting. He is also recognised as the group’s founder and final surviving original member, “The Temptations,” a renowned Motown vocal ensemble.

I’ll get right to the information on Arleata Williams and other fascinating facts about her. Let’s look at her profile summary before I continue.

NameArleata Williams
Date of birthOctober 30, 1941
Age81 years
NationalityUnited States of America
Marital statusDivorced
ex-HusbandOtis Williams
Known asOtis Williams’s ex-wife

Arleata Williams Biography 

Arleata “Goldie” Williams was born in the United States of America, where she now resides. She was born in the US and is a naturalised citizen. She has black, kinky long hair, black eyes, black skin, and she can even trace her ancestry back to Africa. She is categorised as having an Afro-American ethnic origin in the US because of these.

Even if Arleata Carter didn’t want fame, it still arrived. She began leading an even more secluded life after she and her lover, Otis Williams, split up in 1997 because stardom was never her cup of tea. In this sense, nothing is known about her early years, academic history, and professional experience. She unquestionably holds a diploma from an elementary school and, at the very least, a high school diploma.

Arleata Williams Marriage and Divorce

In 1983, Arleata Williams and her now-divorced husband, Otis Williams, exchanged vows in a small ceremony performed in the United States. Before being married, the couple reportedly dated for a year, between 1982 and 1983. Arleata Goldie Williams gave birth to her one and only kid from her prior love connection on July 3, 1969, when she was 53 years old. She named the infant Elean Carter. Once she wed Otis Williams, who was previously married to a man named Carter, Otis officially took on the role of Elean Carter’s foster father.

After fourteen years of marriage, Otis and Arleata filed for divorce in 1997, citing “irreconcilable disagreements” in their marriage. Otis and Arleata moved on. Yet although Arleata Williams avoided the spotlight and maintained her single status, her ex-husband Otis entered another relationship, just like he had done before he wed Arleata. Before tying the knot with Arleata, he was married to Josephine Rogers and Ann Cain. His three-year marriage to his first wife, Josephine, in 1961 produced a son, Otia Lamont Miles, who passed away in 1985 at the age of 24. Otis married Ann Cain a second time from 1967 to 1973.

In 1982, Arleata entered Otis’s life. She stayed unmarried following her divorce from Otis.

Arleata Williams Husband

Otis Williams, the ex-husband of Arleata, was born in Texarkana, Texas, on October 30, 1941, as Otis Miles Jr., to Otis Miles and Hazel Louise Williams. He is 81 years old and was reared in a divided household because his parents had divorced not long after he was born. Hazel Louise Williams, his mother, assumed custody of him and got remarried. Otis’ mother and her husband moved to Detroit, Michigan, so Otis spent a few years in Texarkana with his grandparents. Otis moved with his stepfather, his mother Hazel Louise, to Detroit when he was ten years old.

Otis Miles, Jr., the ex-husband of Arleata Williams, changed his last name from Otis Miles to Otis Williams because of the circumstances surrounding his family and life.

Arleata’s husband now holds all production rights for the musical group “The Temptation” as the only surviving member of the nearly 50-year-old phenomenon.

This soul music ensemble has included well-known platinum-selling singers including Dennis Edwards, David Ruffin, former Member Richard Street, Ron Tyson, Damon Harris, Ali-Ollie Woodson, Ray Davis, former Spinners singer G. C. Cameron, and Theo Peoples, to name just a few. Yet, this group’s terrible weaknesses, including cocaine addiction, haughtiness, and strained relationships, contributed to its failure.

Otis Williams’ autobiography, “The Temptation,” was written by Williams and author Patricia Romanowski and released on November 1, 1988. It included information about the group’s history.

The NBC TV Network turned this book into its NBC television miniseries, “The Temptations,” ten years after its publication (on November 1, 1998). The producers were Jay Benson, Otis Williams, and Shelly Berger, and the director was Allan Arkush. This TV show’s production companies were Hallmark Entertainment, De Passe Entertainment, and Babelsberg International Film Production. The show had two episodes per season.

Arleata Williams Daughter

Elean Carter, a well-known American model and actress, is Arleata’s daughter. In Nutley, New Jersey, in the United States of America, she was born on July 3, 1969. Elean, the sole child of Arleata Williams, has posed for a number of well-known companies and been featured in numerous magazines. She was selected by Playboy Magazine in the early 1990s as its Playmate of the Month for its June 1994 release. She has since made multiple appearances in Playboy Magazine videos.

Elean has appeared in a number of TV programmes and series, including:

  • Private Eye
  • Seinfeld
  • Team Knight Rider
  • Mike Hammer
  • Black Scorpion

As her modelling career took a professional turn, Elean Carter has essentially travelled the world modelling, from Mexico to Europe to Jamaica to the Bahamas. She has shared the stage with numerous notable musicians, like Bobby Brown, Tone-Loc, Richard Marx, the Jacksons, and Duran Duran, to name a few. Carter has amassed a sizable wealth as seen by a glance at her professional resume.

Not to add that Arleata Williams’ daughter Elean Carter is wed to Keith Austin and has a child with her husband, Trace Austin, who is named after his grandmother.

Arleata Williams Net worth 

There is no information on Arleata Goldie Williams’s estimated net worth. She is entitled to a portion of her ex-husband Otis Williams’ estimated net worth, which ranges from $8 million to $10 million. Elean Carter, though, who is Arleata’s daughter, is thought to be worth around $7 million. She makes roughly $8 million a week, about $32 million, and nearly $4 million a year.

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