Amie Yancey Biography, Life, Career of Scott Yancey’s Wife & More

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Amie Yancey: Who is She

In the fields of television, real estate, and interior design, Amie Yancey is a formidable opponent. She is well known for her work on the popular A&E series Flipping Vegas and for being the spouse of real estate mogul Scott Yancey, who has a diverse range of interests.

There is much more to her tale than what first meets the eye, despite the fact that her on-screen character and achievements have placed her in the public view. We go deeper into Amie Yancey’s life in this exclusive feature, highlighting the lesser-known facets of her journey, challenges, and victories. Explore the person behind the famous with us as we honor her steadfast independence and modesty.

NameAmie Yancey
Age55 years old
BirthdayAugust 30, 1967
Birth CityLethbridge, Alberta
NationalityCanadian, American
ParentsCarol and Stephen
HusbandScott Yancey
ProfessionInterior Designer, Real Estate Broker
Net worth$20 Million

Amie Yancey Biography

On August 30, 1967, in the city of Lethbridge, Alberta, western Canada, Amie Yancey was born. She was born to Carol and Stephen Yancey, an affluent couple who gave their big family a good upbringing. Amie is the tenth of their eleven children, which also includes six biological and four adoptive siblings.

Amie had a really unusual and intriguing upbringing, growing up in a big family and living on a huge ranch. Her concept of life was profoundly influenced by the intense love of animals she had as a young child in a rural area of Canada. Amie’s early years were defined by her affinity to nature and the creatures who lived on her family’s property.

Amie has shown her love and sympathy for animals by taking care of many animals over the course of her life. She also has two horses named Tieme and Heinke, three dogs named Zuma, Tallulah, and Flip, two mini pigs named Lucy and Bacon Bits, and a little donkey. Her collection of cherished creatures is a reflection of her unwavering love for animals and dedication to giving them a caring home.

Amie started her scholastic career in her native Canada, going to a nearby school before enrolling at Lethbridge’s Catholic Central High School. She continued her studies beyond high school, earning a diploma at the Lethbridge Collegiate Institute. Amie bravely relocated to the United States to complete her education and look for new chances because she was eager to expand her horizons.

Amie Yancey Marriage

Scott and Amie Still a couple? They are still happily married and cohabitating, yes.

The union of Amie and Scott Yancey is proof of the strength of true love and lifelong commitment. When Amie was 21 and Scott was 19, they first met in college in 1988. They grew close, and their friendship eventually developed into love. The pair decided to get married in 2000 on the lovely island of St. John in the U.S. Virgin Islands after dating for 12 years.

In 2004, Amie and Scott moved to Las Vegas and started a journey in the real estate industry. Their collaboration worked well as they managed the complexity of the sector and created a successful company. Although being married for more than 20 years, Amie and Scott are childless. Sarah, Amie’s daughter from a previous union, is her only child.

Both in their personal and professional life, the couple’s close relationship and abiding affection are visible. They carry on helping one another, cooperating, and enjoying married life.

Amie Yancey Husband

53-year-old Scott Yancey, who was born in Los Angeles County, California, on July 9, 1969, has established himself as a real estate investor, author, businessman, and television personality. Scott has demonstrated his expertise and abilities in the real estate sector, becoming best known for his part in the A&E TV series Flipping Vegas. Scott has wowed audiences with his acute eye for possibilities in what appear to be hopeless buildings.

Scott was up in Studio City, California, and before starting his career in real estate, he attended North Hollywood High School. He has been actively engaged in the real estate sector for decades as the CEO of the real estate brokerage and investment company Goliath Company. Without a question, Scott’s experience has helped his and his wife Amie Yancey’s real estate careers succeed.

Flipping Vegas is a television series that Scott Yancey and Lovable Scoundrels Productions created in 2010. On June 18, 2011, A&E broadcast the show’s debut, and it instantly became a hit with fans. In order to further demonstrate his sense of initiative, Scott both executive produced and starred in the program. On September 27, 2014, the program’s final episode aired after five successful seasons.

The power couple in entertainment and real estate is Scott and Amie Yancey. Their energizing relationship has surely impacted both their professional and personal lives, enabling them to excel in their various sectors.

Amie Yancey Career

In the fields of real estate, interior design, and reality television, Amie Yancey has established a solid reputation. Yancey has made a name for herself in her industry and is most recognized for her work on the popular A&E series Flipping Vegas. Let’s examine Amie Yancey’s illustrious career, the ascent to popularity, and its influence on the entertainment and real estate sectors.

From Canada to the United States

The Early Years of Amie Yancey Amie, who was up in Canada on a ranch, has always had a keen eye for design and a love of real estate. Amie started her professional career after migrating to the United States and completing her studies in Canada. In 2000, she married her spouse and business partner, Scott Yancey.

Scott and Amie Yancey moved to Las Vegas in 2004 after four years of marriage, where they started their careers as real estate brokers. The pair debated leaving the real estate industry in 2007 to pursue other options.

Nevertheless, when they learned about the cheap property prices in Las Vegas’ ranch neighborhoods, they recognized a chance to enter the house-flipping industry. They began buying, remodeling, and profitably selling homes, eventually making their mark in the real estate business.

Birth of Goliath Company and Flipping Vegas

In 2004, after moving to Las Vegas from Park City, Utah, Amie and Scott started their real estate business, Goliath Company. The team soon established a reputation for itself in the field by selling close to 1,000 properties and gaining a sizable social media following. Their skills were enhanced by Amie’s experience as an interior designer, giving customers a full package when buying a home. Amie uses her design expertise to improve the residences they sell while also working as a real estate agent and interior designer. She is now able to provide clients with a comprehensive bundle when they buy a home thanks to her dual employment.

Television producers became interested in the pair as a result of their achievements. Flipping Vegas had its A&E debut in 2010. Amie and Scott were followed by the reality show as they dealt with the difficulties of purchasing, refurbishing, and selling residences in Las Vegas. Despite initial technological issues, Flipping Vegas became popular and attracted amazing ratings and media attention.

Dynamics of Amie and Scott’s Partnership

The divergent perspectives of Amie and Scott, with Amie emphasizing investment in high-quality results and Scott placing a higher priority on cost reduction, were a crucial component of Flipping Vegas. While they competed to sell their refurbished residences, their divergent strategies created amusing dynamics. The final episode of the five-season program aired in September 2014.

How Flipping Vegas Lost Rating

On the show, Amie regularly voiced worry and frequently questioned her husband Scott’s choices. She was accused of fabricating drama to increase the show’s ratings by several fans who found her arguments to be false. Amie’s show character received criticism as a result of this backlash.

Amie expressed regret and changed her perspective on the TV show in reaction to the criticism. However, by the time she addressed the problem, the show’s ratings had already started to drop. Amie Yancey’s career as a real estate agent and interior designer is still going strong in spite of the controversy, and she is still a prominent person in the field.

Amie Yancey Controversies

Amie Yancey’s illustrious career enthralled audiences and earned her great acclaim, but it also eventually resulted in the disclosure of her legal troubles.

In 2017, allegations of fraudulent behavior cast a shadow over Amie and her husband, Scott. The couple decided to capitalize on their success as their careers took off by starting the “Scott Yancey Real Estate Program.” By providing insider information on the real estate market, this endeavor hoped to draw participants and followers.

The program demanded a $2,000 down payment for a three-day conference that would teach participants how to properly navigate the real estate business. The plan included a tiered structure, though, and required further contributions for advancement. In actuality, people were told they had to pay up to $30,000 to have complete access to the program’s materials.

People were drawn to the program in large part due to the couple’s utilization of incentives and their public personas. Amie and Scott were sued by displeased participants after the truth was eventually revealed. The couple’s dubious business methods came to light as a result of this legal dispute, casting a shade over their earlier, well-regarded careers.

Amie Yancey Net worth

Amie Yancey’s net worth is thought to be over $20 million, and it has grown as a result of her varied holdings and dependable income from her work as an interior designer and real estate agent.

Via the Goliath Company, Amie has been able to design, rebuild, and sell close to 1,000 homes thanks to her success in the field. Zuma Farms, a 1949 Malibu, California farmhouse, was one memorable sale. In June 2019, Amie and her husband sold the home to actress Reese Witherspoon for a whopping $6.25 million. The two-acre mansion above Zuma Beach in Malibu holds a particular place in the hearts of the couple because it was the location of their wedding in 2000.

Amie Yancey’s substantial net worth is a result of her perseverance, commitment, and aptitude for interior design and real estate.

Body Measurement and Physique

Amie Yancy is typically 157 centimeters tall, or five feet two inches. She keeps a healthy lifestyle and an ideal body physique; however, details on her body weight, show size, hip size, and breasts are still unknown.


The life of Amie Yancey is evidence of her brilliance, commitment, and love for her work. Amie has influenced her business and inspired innumerable people as a pioneer in real estate, interior design, and reality television. There is little doubt that Amie Yancey will continue to inspire and succeed greatly as her career is followed. With her successes on the Flipping Vegas TV show and her successful real estate profession, Amie has undeniably made her imprint on the world. We rejoice in her accomplishments and eagerly anticipate what the future holds for this remarkable woman.

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