Alexander Benton Gradow Biography, Age, Sister, Girlfriend, Parents, Net worth & More

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Alexander Benton Gradow, who is he?

Alexander Benton Gradow is a famous family member and famous child who is well-known for being Barbi Benton’s only child. Barbi Benton, a well-known American film actress, singer, and former model, was born Barbara Lynn Klein on January 28, 1950, in New York City.

Alexander Benton is well-known not only for his mother but also for being Ariana Gradow’s lone sibling. Ariana Gradow, who was born Ariana Benton Gradow on July 13, 1988, is a well-known aerial and acrobatics instructor.

I’ll cover Alexander Benton Gradow’s life story, career, age, parents, mother, sister, siblings, girlfriend, net worth, parents’ marriage, and a few other facts about him in this article that you probably didn’t know. Let’s take a short look at his profile before moving on.

NameAlexander Benton Gradow
Date of Birth23rd August 1986
Age36 years
FatherGeorge Gradow
MotherBarbi Benton
SisterAriana Benton Gradow,
Nationality American
Net worthunknown

Alexander Benton Gradow Biography 

The 23rd day of August 1986 saw the birth of Alexander Benton Gradow in his native America. Alexander is a citizen of the United States by birth and is a member of the Caucasian ethnic group. He has white skin. His zodiac sign, or birth sign, is Virgo, in accordance with his date of birth.

Alexander Benton Gradow Education 

It is a secret that Alexander has qualifications and information about his educational history. So it is only logical to assume that Alexander Benton has the same standard of living and educational attainment as his parents.

Alexander Benton Gradow Career 

Alexander Benton Gradow is casual in disclosing information about his personal and professional lives online, as he is with other aspects of his life. Despite this, his mother works as an actor in the American film industry. On the other hand, when he was a child, his father, George Gradow, worked as a store and businessman.

Alexander Benton Gradow Age, Birthday, Nationality 

Alexander Benton Gradow was 36 years old when this information on our website was last updated. The 23rd of August is the day he celebrates his birthday.

He is a Virgo by zodiac sign and has white complexion, making him a member of the Caucasian ethnic group. He does, however, have American citizenship by birth and follows Christianity as his religion. Yeah, and he has eyes that are dark brown in tone.

Alexander Benton Gradow Height, Weight 

Alexander Benton has not yet disclosed information regarding his measurements for height and weight. He does, however, have terrific body proportions and physique.

Alexander Benton Gradow Girlfriend 

In any case, we are currently unaware of Alexander’s romantic relationships. It’s unclear whether he’s single, married, or has a girlfriend.

Alexander Benton Gradow Net worth

There is no known estimate of Alexander Benton Gradow’s wealth. But nevertheless, Barbi Benton, his mother, is thought to be worth around $20 million.

Alexander Benton Gradow Parents, Parents Marriage 

Alexander’s mother’s name is Barbi Benton, while his father’s name is George Gradow. Our team has information to the effect that Alexander Benton Gradow’s parents were married on October 14, 1979.

Barbi Benton and George Gradow, who have been married for more than 40 years and counting, have two children together. Their two children’s names are Ariana Benton Gradow and Alexander Benton Gradow, respectively.

Alexander Benton Gradow Sister, Siblings 

Alexander’s sister is called Ariana Benton Gradow, who is now known as Ariana Gradow. Ariana is reportedly Alexander’s lone sibling and his only sister. Alexander is around two years older than she is, too.

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