Acyn Torabi Biography | Interesting Hidden Facts About the “Internet Hooligan”

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Acyn Torabi: Who is He? 

Acyn Torabi is a well-known American influencer and social media personality. He is best known for his own Twitter handle, @acyn, where he has more than 334 thousand followers after using the service for less than 15 years. Since joining the service in October 2008, Torabi has sent out roughly 127 thousand tweets

Acyn tweets on the short-written-text-sharing platform in the form of written texts and brief films, tagging himself as “Internet Hooligan” and essentially living up to it. He frequently expresses his political opinions and discusses other topics that interest him.

I’ll discuss Acyn Torabi facts and other interesting information about him in this article that you probably didn’t know. But let’s take a short peek at his profile summary first, shall we?

Name Acyn Torabi
Nationality United States of America
Occupation Influencer
Net worth not estimated

Acyn Torabi Birth Place

Although Acyn Torabi has not provided any information on his date of birth, sources believe he was born in the United States of America between 1987 and 1993, making him between the ages of 29 and 35.

His self-titled Facebook account discloses that he has two siblings: Ehsan Torabi and Azar Torabi, though he hasn’t yet shared any information about his early life online. Acyn Torabi was raised in his native city of Los Angeles, California, together with his two siblings.

We can verify that Acyn belongs to the White-American racial category by looking at a couple of his online photos. His short black hair, attractive dark brown eyes, and fair skin make him attractive. While his siblings were around, Acyn had to be enjoyable.

Acyn has resisted discussing his schooling history, as he has with most aspects of his life. While it’s possible that we’re right to assume that he has a High School diploma and an Elementary School diploma, we were unable to verify his university credentials.

Acyn Torabi is a Twitter Celebrity & Media Personality

Acyn portrays himself as a “Internet Hooligan” on his self-titled Twitter account, @acyn, which he started in October 2008. He has been using the platform for about ten years, tweeting and discussing illustrious individuals and hot-button issues.

Together with fellow Twitter titan Aaron Rupar, whom he would meet for the first time at a journalistic summit in Los Angeles in 2022, Acyn is regarded as one of the most contentious figures in the world. Acyn tweets on contentious topics, such as the marginalisation of members of the LGBTQ+ community, in addition to discussing celebrities more frequently, such Nikki Minaj, Donald Trump, and Hawley, to name a few.

Acyn has tweeted more than 127 thousand tweets and uses Snap Stream (@SnapStream) to create the video clips he includes with them. As of December 2022, Acyn has more than 334k followers and was following 6242 accounts. Acyn, a prominent character in the media, aired his controversial opinions on Twitter during the 2021 California gubernatorial recall election. Acyn later appeared on the Fox News show as a result of the tweet.

Acyn Torabi’s Brother, Ehsan Torabi, is a Real Estate Broker 

Ehsan Torabi, Acyn Torabi’s brother, is listed as a senior software architect and real estate broker on his Facebook profile. Ehsan is a Senior Software Architect at his self-titled company,, and a Master’s of Computer Science Information Technology graduate of West Coast University. Ehsan Torabi started and owns the contract system development business

On the other hand, he works as a real estate broker at LA Market Real Estate, a marketplace for the purchase and sale of real estate in Los Angeles, California. Ehsan created a portfolio for himself and stated as such on his Facebook bio: “Real Estate in LA? Speak directly to the broker rather than the agents. Visit my website at Ehsan Torabi, Acyn Torabi’s brother, also calls Los Angeles, California, home.

Acyn Torabi’s Sister, Azar Torabi, is a University Graduate 

Acyn Torabi’s sister, Azar Torabi, revealed that she is the vice president RBC CNB in the “personal information part” of her Facebook profile, despite the fact that she made no mention of where she attended elementary and high school or what she studied at the university.

The headquarters of RBC CNB are in Beverly Hills, California. From November 22, 2018, Azar has held the vice president role there. Azar is situated in Beverly Hills, California, a state in the United States of America, and speaks both English and Turkish. As you take a closer look at her profile, you can see that she is a parent thanks to the image of a blonde infant that she picked as her profile photo. Azar’s most recent Facebook post was made on January 25, 2022, thus she may not be active there.

Acyn Torabi is Not Active on Facebook and Instagram 

Acyn is not interested in establishing a brand on other social media networks because Twitter is his preferred social media site. However, he said on his Twitter account on November 11, 2020, that he was using other social media sites because he was concerned that Twitter would shut down. Yet Acyn still needs to keep up with keeping an active presence.

Acyn tweeted, “In case Twitter goes down, I’m on Instagram as AcynIG and YouTube—he shared a YouTube link containing a channel with the name Acyn,” which has now received a few hundred retweets and a few thousand interactions.

On September 29, 2019, he published his first message under the handle @acynig on the photo- and video-sharing social media platform Instagram. Since then, Acyn Torabi has only posted a total of seven times. Acyn, who has 1346 thousand followers and 43 followers, mentioned in his bio that he enjoys making memes and uses Instagram sparingly.

On the other side, Acyn is known as Acyn Torabi on Facebook. He hasn’t posted anything there or expressed any desire to establish a brand there. Other than that, he has 46 pals, two of them are his siblings.

Acyn Torabi now has a YouTube Channel

Acyn officially acknowledged ownership of the YouTube channel on which he has never uploaded a video of himself with a tweet he sent on November 11, 2022. The actor Will Smith and stand-up comedian Chris Rock’s “slap award video” is one of the videos on his channel, with roughly 10 thousand views, suggesting that Acyn exclusively promotes content that has previously been widely criticised.

On May 20, 2020, Acyn launched his YouTube channel, where he has already uploaded roughly 51 videos. With only 731 subscribers, he has amassed almost 63.5 thousand views.

Acyn Torabi is Separated

Acyn stated that he is separated in the “personal information area” of his Facebook site, despite the fact that information regarding his date of marriage or separation is open to the public. Yet, it’s unclear if he has a child or children.

Acyn Torabi Net Worth

Acyn Torabi is acknowledged as a Twitter star, however it is unclear how much money he has made or how much money he is thought to be worth. Point being, Acyn is not typically seen of as the type of famous person who divulges information about his personal life.

If you’re still here, let me know what you think of the online character that Acyn Torabi presents. Is he one of your favourite well-known users on social media? Please describe it in detail in the comments area.

Getting noticed on Twitter is equally as difficult as it is on other social media sites that offer videos, such TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram. This may be related to the undeniable fact that more people use social media to consume visual and audio-visual material than written stuff.

Although many people have shown originality and honesty while achieving recognition as a bonus, becoming well-known through Twitter almost seems like an unachievable goal. Against all the odds, Acyn Torabi joined the short-form social media network Twitter in October 2008 and is now regarded as one of the key players there—looking at his audience.

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